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How to maintain the Aluminum Entrance Mat ?

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新闻摘要:How to maintain the Aluminum Entrance Mat

Aluminum entrance mats are designed to scrape and contain dirt from footwear, as well as
moisture. The rigid ribbed infills both scrape shoes and help prevent dirt reattaching to foot wear.
To preserve the life expectancy of the mats, as well as to maintain effectiveness a few simple

cleaning steps must be observed.

Vacuum clean the entrance mat. This will remove incoming dirt while it is on the surface. If left,
grit and other contaminates will become imbedded within the ribbed pile infills making removal

more difficult.

Depending on the location of the mat and traffic intensity, additional periodic cleaning will be
required. Aluminum mat mats are robust and can be steam cleaned using conventional spray
extraction carpet cleaning equipment. It can be safely scrubbed when required and rinsed clean.
Depending on the size and shape of the mat, it may be cleaned in site, or removed to clean


Most stains can be removed by using conventional carpet cleaning products.
For heavy soiled or contaminated infill strips, and easier option is to replace the affected infills.

Alumat can on request supply ready cut strips and adhesive.

Aluminum mat recommends consideration be given to infill replacement at the end of the mat’s
life, rather than total mat replacement if possible. If the aluminium frames are sound, this is a
more economical option and will return the mats to looking like new. To encourage this process,
Alumat use only exterior grade anodised aluminium frames. All frames may be suitable for

replacing infills.

Entrance mats are made for large volumes of foot traffic and light weight trolleys. If the area is to

be subjected to extra heavy loads, ensure they are adequately protected.