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Outdoor Building Entrance Matting is very import !

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新闻摘要:Outdoor Building Entrance Matting is very import

Outdoor Building Entrance Matting is very import. 

90% of the dirt in a building is transported by foot traffic from the outdoors. 

For most commercial buildings, there are at least 1000 people walk through building entrance everyday. 

So, approximately 1.2 lbs of dirt are transported into your building everyday. 

The cost to remove 1 lb. of dirt from your building is more than USD 500 . 

What an expensive maintenance ! 

Another big problem, a slip and fall is the most common accident faced by many 

commercial real estate buildings,  hotels, restaurants and grocery stores. 

Placing a right heavy - duty entrance mat is the best way to control these problems. 

Right entrance mats do an excellent job at removing and trapping soil,wiping water from foot traffic 

and retention characteristics.  It will help you save much cleaning and maintenance cost and provide 

a safety environment.  So, building entrance matting is necessary and very important.