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What is the best choose for Building Entrance Outdoor Areas ?

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新闻摘要:The best choose for outdoor heavy duty building entrance matting .

The most popular Outdoor Heavy Duty Entrance Matting for buildings is Aluminum Entrance Matting. 

-- Aluminum Mat has strong aluminum frame to support heavy traffic. 

-- Aluminum Mat can insert different infill materials, such as carpet , brush , rubber, or mixed them.

-- Aluminum Mat has wide range of material and color of carpet, nylon and pp, grey,black,red,yellow,and blue.

-- Aluminum Mat can be customized according to customer requirements.

-- Aluminum Mat has a long service time, customers don't need to replace it frequently. 

-- Aluminum Mat has excellent UV resistance.

Some of customers choose Stainless Steel Grilles for premium buildings. 

-- Stainless Steel Mat can scrape dirt and drain water well. 

-- Stainless Steel Mat is very durable and has a long service time.

-- Cost of stainless steel mat is high,  the high price limit some customers.

Another outside entrance matting is Interlock Modular Entrance Mat

-- Interlock tiles design allows any size or shape of mat well to be installed with the minimum of waste.

-- Modular mat absorbs high levels of moisture. 

-- Tiles can be replaced separately to reduce the maintenance costs .

If you want outdoor mat with logos, Nylon Printed Logo Mat is your best choose.