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What mats are for Entrance of Shopping Malls,Office Buildings,Hotels and Schools ?

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新闻摘要:Entrance mattings for shopping mall,office building,hotel and school

We have many kinds of floor mats for entrances of shopping malls,office buildings, hotels and schools.  

Aluminum Entrance Matting 

--The most popular Building Entrance Matting. 

--Wide range of infill material including Carpet, Rubber Brush.

--Colors: Grey,Black,Yellow,Brown,Red,Blue..

--Can make logo on mat. 

--For both indoor and outdoor


Stainless Steel Grilles Entrance Matting

--High-end Heavy Duty Commercial Entrance Matting. 

--Very long service time. 

--For both indoor and outdoor


Interlock Modular Entrance Matting

--Allowing any size or shape of mat well to be installed with the minimum of waste.

--Can be configured for any size and shape 

--Can be replaced separately to reduce the maintenance costs

--For both indoor and outdoor 

DIY Brush Entrance Matting

-- Made of 100% EVA material and nylon brush. 

-- The brush can scrape snow off under shoes when winter. 

-- Open mat construction drains water well. 


Commercial Carpet Entrance Mat 

--Made of wear resistant fibers , Nylon and Polyester

-- For both indoor and outdoor


Nylon Printed Logo Entrance Mat 

--Promote your business as well as removing dirt and moisture from foot traffic.

---- For both indoor and outdoor

All above ENTRANCE FLOOR MAT are durable enough for heavy duty flow of people for commercial buildings,hotels and schools.  

Floor mats can scrape dirt and absorb moisture off shoes when people walk through entrance areas as well as provide a non-slip and safer entry way.