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High Quality Non Slip Safety PVC Tube Mat

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新闻摘要:High Quality Non Slip Safety PVC Tube Mat

PVC Tube Mat is designed with open gird PVC Tubes construction.

It is used for wide range of wet areas such as swimming pools, bathrooms,washing rooms, locker rooms, SPA rooms and boats. 

We have different grade quality through changing the material quality and weight. 

3500G/SQM is cheaper than 4800g/sqm. 

Ordinary material is cheaper than high grade material. 

Recently, to meet a European customer we improved material quality and make a high grade mat. 

This PVC Tube Mat looks very beautiful. It is 4800g/sqm, the color looks brightly. The wall thickness is 2mm. 

A good PVC Tube Mat can drain water quickly to ensure a safety floor. 

It is a good choice as swimming pool mats, bathroom mats, changing room mats, locker room mats, leisure mats and boat mats. 

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