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Aluminum Mat ALU1038

Code:Aluminum Entrance Mat-ALU 1038
Material:Aluminium frame
&Carpet/Rubber/Brush infill
Mat depth:11 mm (±1mm)
Alu frame width: 38 mm
Alu frame connected: Interlocking
Mat rolling load :550 lbs/wheel

Aluminum Entrance Mat is one of the most effective heavy duty entrance floor mats for high traffic commercial entrances. 

Aluminum Entrance Mat Function :

◆ Scrape dirt and absorb moisture off shoes when people walk through entrance areas. 

◆ Anti-slip carpet provide a no-slip ans safer entry way. 

ALU-1038 Features : 

◆ Closed aluminum frame construction :Dirt and debris is captured on the "closed" matting surface for convenient removal by vacuum cleaner.

◆ Mat depth is 10 mm thickness, so it is perfect choice for surface installations.

◆ Suitable for places where it is not possible to install higher entrance mats.

Size : Customized size according to customer's requirements. 
Colors :Grey,Black,Red,Blue,Brown,Earth gold.
Applicatioins:  Entrance of hotels, shopping malls,super markets,public buildings and other high-traffic areas.
Weight : 11 kgs/sqm
Packing: Wooden Case

Intallation:  Suitable for surface mounted and recess installations . Recommended recess depth 11 mm (± 1 mm)

Mat Infill Materials: 

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