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Aluminum Doormat

Code:Aluminum Entrance Mat-ALU 1038
Material: Aluminium frame
&Carpet/Rubber/Brush infill
Mat depth:11 mm (±1mm)
Aluminum frame width: 38 mm
Aluminum frame connected: Interlocking
Mat rolling load:500 lbs/wheel

Aluminum doormat is designed to be one of the most effective doormats help to minimize and control the entry of pollutants .

Small size aluminum doormat is suitable for both office and home. It can be use as both indoor mats and outdoor mats.

Size : 40 cm x  60 cm,46 cm x 45 cm ,50 cm x 80 cm, and customized sizes as customer requested.
Colors : Grey,Black,Red,Blue,Brown,Earth gold.
Applications : Entrance-Indoor/Outdoor. Offices and homes
Packing : Carton
Weight :11 kgs/sqm

Installations :  Suitable for surface mounted 

Mat Infill Materials: 

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