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Aluminum Doormat

Code:Aluminum Entrance Mat-ALU 1038
Material:Aluminium frame
&Carpet/Rubber/Brush infill
Mat depth:11 mm (±1mm)
Aluminum frame width: 38 mm
Aluminum frame connected: Interlock
Mat rolling load:500 lbs/wheel

Aluminum doormat is designed to be one of the most effective doormat help to minimize and control the entry of pollutants .Small size aluminum doormat is suitable for office and home. It can be use as both indoor mats and outdoor mats.

Size : : 40 cm x  60 cm,46 cm x 45 cm ,50 cm x 80 cm, and customize sizes.

Colors : Grey,Black,Red,Blue,Brown,Earth gold.

Packing : Carton

Weight : EIGHT: 11 kgs/sqm

Installations :  Suitable for surface mounted 

Mat Infill Materials: 

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