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Aluminum Entrance Mat

Material:Aluminium frame
&Carpet/Rubber/Brush infill
Connected:interlock/steel wire/rubber
Mat depth:11mm/18mm/20mm(±1mm)
Alu frame width: 26mm/35mm/38mm/44mm
Mat Rolling Load:500-1000 lbs /wheel

Architectural aluminum entrance matting is designed to be one of the most effective heavy duty entrance floor mattings help to minimize and control the entry of pollutants into buildings by capturing dirt and particulates at regularly used architectural entrance. When the appropriate type and size of aluminum entrance matting is used in your building facility, the matting will :

* Scrape dirt and debris off shoes. 
* Trap and absorb moisture from rain or melting snow. 
* Increase traction and provide a hazard-free no-slip entry way. 
* Provide color options to enhance surrounding decoration. 

Architectural aluminum entrance matting is widely used at entrances of hotels,shopping malls,hospitals,commercial complexes,super markets,banks and other high-traffic areas.

Size : Customized size as customer required.
Colors : Grey,Black,Red,Blue,Brown,Earth gold.
Applications : Entrance-Indoor/Outdoor.Hotels, shopping malls,super markets, and other high-traffic areas 
Packing : Wooden Case
Weight :11kgs/sqm -25  kgs/sqm

Mat Infill Materials: 

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