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Interlock Sports Floor FS20

Material: Polypropylene(PP)
Size:304.8*304.8*15.8mm (12"*12"*5/8")
Structure: Double layers
Location: Outdoor & Indoor
Using life: 10 years

PP Interlock Floor is a special sports flooring made of PP tile that lock together, it is easy and fast installation, low maintenance ,colorful and beautiful. The double layer structure is very durable for different sports courts,the ball rebound rate can achieve to 97%.


* Location: indoor and outdoor.

* Made of recyclable polypropylene (pp)

* Color: various/customized

* Anti-UV,water-proof,non-toxic

* Comfortable: No odor,No glare perfect connect between shoes and floor,good shock absorption performance

* Long use life is 10 years or more

* Tiles snap together with a unique clip and loop connection system that does not require tools or skilled labor. 

* Add edging and corner pieces as required to finish your floor. 

* Simple to install, clean, transport and store


Basketball courts, tennis courts, Five-man soccer, volleyball, football, handball court, badminton court, table-tennis courts, skating rink, hockey, croquet, etc.;


Can be installed directly on any plane surface,convenient and easy.

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